How to apply a logo to a surface

New here, still working in trial version of SU 2016. I want to add a logo to a restaurant wall in SU. When I import any of the accepted file types they all render a logo within a solid white box. I want to remove the white area and be able to paint the logo. If I cannot paint it within SU then I’ll paint in Photoshop. Any tips on how to import graphics with transparency?

first you need an image with transparency…

png or tiff are what I use, and then import it as a texture to use with the paint bucket…


Please show us the actual logo graphic.

You don’t actually want to use a logo with transparency. See, the transparent background of a png file (which is what I presume you have) actually makes the underlying structure transparent, rather than just letting the wall color show through.

As I said, post the image and we’ll see the best way to do it.


Update to my original question. I did not try .png. I imported that format and it worked! I can’t paint the line art, but that’s easy to solve in Photoshop or Illustrator. Any other tips are welcome, as I am learning as I go. The tutorials are very helpful.

Thanks. Still learning my way around the forum. How do I post an image? I see a link button, but I’m not sure where to upload the image to get the URL.

Seventh icon from the left in the message box or drag and drop into the message box.

Click the Upload button, then follow the instructions.

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Thanks for the upload info. Logo is attached. When I imported it and placed it on the back wall of my interior room it looks good, but there appears to be a halo around the cartoon faces. The wall color is showing through just as I expected it would.

I’m unable to help just now as i’m on my phone andoff to bed.

When you import an image as an image, transparent areas on the image will indeed show the face behind the image. When you import an image as a texture, transparent areas on the texture will actually turn the underlying face transparent, as I said earlier. Which technique–image or texture–depends on the nature of the graphic and the application. For instance, if the logo had its own solid color background, that would be a different story. That’s why I asked to see the logo.

Given that you do want the underlying face to show through, bringing it in as an image seems the appropriate way, and I presume that’s what you already did. An image object behaves much like a group–it’s encased in its own non-stick container. The idea would be to bring it in and size it with the Scale tool, then put it in position a slight distance in front of the face.



Thanks for that excellent detail. This helps so much. I tried both ways and bringing it in as an image is the way to go in my case. :slight_smile:

So is that you in the logo with the glasses and toothy grin?


Ha! That is the co-founder of our company and his wife. It was drawn over 25 years ago!