Website logo help

Afternoon all.

Im trying to put this model onto my website as a logo. My problem is I can’t seem to apply it without a background. Ive tried it with the correct colour code but thats no quite right.

I’ve exported as a ‘png’ as I’ve read this make it ‘transparent’ but I’m still getting a white background.

Any suggestions as to what I need to do?

Many thanks


gold sc logo.skp (1.4 MB)

Did you tell SketchUp to make a transparent background in the Export Options?

I hadn’t done that no. Another little lesson:slight_smile:

Thank you DaveR

Just to chime in, I think for a logo like this you would be better to import some higher resolution line work so the letters aren’t so faceted (sketchup curves being made of a series of straight lines) doesn’t seem like the 3D text tool allows for increasing that count.) Maybe even trace over them with the “arc” tool and set the count higher.
Also, with a metallic finish like gold, it would be better to try and render, as SU output doesn’t really reproduce shiny/metallic surfaces that well.

Thanks for that whiterabbit. That looks very good. The angle of the lettering is much better than the one I posted.

I’m currently only using it on the footer of my website (not live yet) so its pretty small so the faceted edges are completely unnoticeable. But good advice if I decide to stick with something letter based for anything larger or in print.

ps. it’d make a nice pendant for the wife and daughter as a christmas present too lol. Luckily we are all SC.


Yes, that makes sense, you’d never see it that in a tiny form. Always good to know the end requirement of a project before using unnecessary detail
In case its helpful I’ve attached that render as a png if you can make use of it. (I posted the original as a screen grab, so while it is a png file it posted as a jpeg, but the new attachment is a “true” png)

As an aside, for this type of metallic finish it’s also good to do what you had done, which is to chamfer or round over the edges. This way they will catch the highlights you get on real world objects which do not have perfect razor edges, otherwise sketchup will always bring edges together sharply and not allow a render to produce that essential detail which makes item more real in the way they catch light. If items are not to be rendered, then this additional geometry may be unecessary as it will increase file size/detail.

As you say, with a ring or hole through the top this could easily be 3D printed to make a form for jewelry.