Company Logo to a flat Surface with out tiling


Sorry very new to Sketchup, having trouble applying a company logo to a wall or flat surface the logo will either tile to fill the space. If I create a square to the correct ration to only show the logo once, I have the black outlines around it. Any help would be appreciated.


After you apply the material in the square/rectangle, hide the edges with Shift +Eraser tool.


Well that was easy. grrrrr Thanks for the shift eraser option works a treat.


Is there a way I can just scale and drop a logo on the surface of a larger area without it tiling.


Well, you can make it large enough to fill the entire surface. Then you only have one tile.

The whole thing with materials is the image is of finite size. If it covers an area smaller that the area of the face, of necessity it will repeat.

That’s a major reason why I don’t use small square texture images for wood grain materials. Instead, I make wood grain textures from images of full length boards.


Ok Thanks. That does make sense will just have to use the Shift + Eraser to suit my requirements


What type of projects do you create in Sketchup ? I build exhibition stands so using this to try and improve my presentations to win projects.


I mostly use SketchUp for drawing furniture and other woodworking projects.

The method I described of hiding edges dividing up surfaces is also useful for things like the top and shelf on this table.
Barley Twist Table in Pine

To create the appearance of more than one board being glued up, I could have let the texture repeat but it would have been very obvious. Instead, I drew a line down the middle and then, because the texture is 8 or 10 feet long, I was able to adjust the position of the material so I used a different part of the board for each half. That’s what you’d have to do in real wood so I do the same in SketchUp.

Here’s another example where I did the same sort of thing.
Swedish stool render


Blimey Thats Great.

Ok I create a square imported the logo and applied the material, hid the edges.

But when I know try and move the logo/square onto my wall the logo disappears and the square becomes stippled dots, if I then move the square back away from the wall the logo has gone…


Now not know

In case you reply I need to go collect my daughter back soon, didn’t want to seem rude.



Thank you.

I don’t understand what you are describing. Could you share the SKP file?

If you need to be able to move the logo image away from the wall, make it a separate group or component from the wall. think about how it would be made in reality. If the logo was going to be painted onto the wall, draw the rectangle on the wall and “paint” the logo inside. If the logo is a separate sign hanging on the wall make it that way in SketchUp.


I think that’s z-fighting, where you have two textures at the same distance, and they fight over which one you see. When you did the erase/hide thing, you still only had one material in that area. When you moved the logo to the wall you then had the logo material and whatever was on the wall. So, draw the same size box on the wall, and fill it with the same logo material, instead of placing the logo on top of the wall.


Hi Guys I think you are both saying the same thing, but it worked fine one thing I did discover was that when you had a box with the tiled logo in, if you then proceeded to draw a box only over the single logo you could then delete everything outside of this box leaving me with exactly what I needed. This can then be sized and positioned as required.

Thanks for input.