Can this even be done? various layouts for worktops?

Hi guys im pretty new to sketchup can just about find my way around, I had a idea that I dont even know if its possible I’ve tried searching everywhere but cant seem to find any info
We fabricate worktops and id love to create a slab layout for my customers so I could show them 3 / 4 different options of what there tops will look like from the slab. this bit is easier enough
But id like to then export the chosen layout back to a dxf and to my saw so i can create exactly what I’ve shown the customer, is that even possible?
is there a way where as i could move my pieces on the slabs and it could show where they are on a mirrored piece (for instance if i had 1 piece on the slab and a copy of that piece somewhere else on the drawing if i moved the piece on the slab the other piece would show the background moving)
Secondly i like to be able to know / show exactly where the piece is on the slab for my guys
so for this one i just uploaded a image of a stock material but in future id like to take actual images of my material if i can figure out a way to do this
i hope this makes (some) sense
thanks a million

LAYOUT2.skp (738.2 KB)

First, you can import your own images to use as textures in SketchUp. Of course the quality of your image will affect the quality of the texture. Once you’ve imported your image and applied it to a face you can move the texture around and rotate it as needed.
I do this with wood grain materials. I create textures from images of long boards and then use different parts of the same material for different parts in the model much like I’d do with the real wood in the shop.

hi Dave thanks bud im sort of at that bit now, is there a way to have a mirror of that so I can move that piece on there and it would show on a different piece? the end goal is to somehow export exactly where it is on the slab to a dxf with reference points maybe the cut straight from that (don’t know if that’s possible)
thank you pal


Here are three examples from the same material.

If you want to show a variety of options in place on the cabinet, you can use tags to control the visibility of the different options and then create scenes showing each of those options.

Do you mean on two different chunks of counter top material?

See if this of any help:
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hi bud yeah thats it so where ive got my join on my drawing is hard to match up so id like to do it on SketchUp for visual and for export to the machine (if poss) but yeah here looks good is there a way to know exactly where that is on the slab though
thanks for you help bud appreciate it

Looks like RLGL has got you covered but I’ll just show this.

Each of the countertop slabs is a component. I copied the sink component and rotated it to align with the other piece. Then applied the material to the one without the hole, adjusted the position, then sampled that material before applying it to the copy of the sink section.

yeah bud thats what i was meaning

thanks a million il take a look at it

yeah mate thats along the lines of what im meaning is there a way to know where it is on the slab though
for instance if i wanted to move the piece with the hole in around so it looked like the veins ran around the corner with a full flow it wouldn’t necessary come out of the back of the slab it may be on a angle from the other piece
il keep messing on with it too
thanks a million pal massively appreciate it

If that’s what you want to do it’s probably best to skip the faces on the counter top sections like you have in your model and drag them around on a full sized rectangle with the texture applied to it. When you settle on the arrangment you could copy it (so you can leave the original) and make the pieces as 3D components if you want.

LEGEND pal thats it!!!