Stone Slab Vein Matching in Sketchup

I use Sketchup for a stone fabrication company. We work with designers & architects to create countertops, slab showers, floors, staircases and furniture from stone. I have been looking for a way to use sketchup like this (see video) and if anyone knows any tips that may help I would greatly appreciate it!

You can certainly import images of whole slabs to use as texture images. You can then apply the texture to the faces in your model and adjust position to suit. If you use components you could lay the components out flat and apply the texture so it aligns on each piece. Identifying that the slab has been used would require removing the texture image once the slab has been removed from inventory.

I do a similar thing with wood grain materials although I’m not concerned about inventory. The texture images are created from images of whole boards.

Here’s a quickie example using one of my pine textures.

The board the image came from was huge so there’s lots of wood to work with.