Decal on a sketchup design in 2017 make

How do I put a picture on a flat surface…for example…say a pic of the ancient egyptian god horus on a flat wall as though it were carved into the wall…like a temple

Upload your image so we can see what you are working with. Probably you’d import it as a texture and apply it to a face.

I am working on a modern take on an ancient egyptian style house. All I have right now is the entry courtyard.

upload to 3d warehouse?

Upload the image here in your post. Click on the “up pointing arrow” icon that’s at the top of the reply window. Go to wherever the image is saved on your computer and select it etc. Also clarify if you just want to use the image in you model or do you want to create the actual geometry of the carving in the image ?

Here is a screen snip of the project. I am wanting to place a graphic of a egyptian god on each side of the gated entry. I am also wanting to put hieroglyphics on the courtyard border. I am making a modern version of an ancient egyptian style residence. I don’t necessarily want to carve out the graphic per se, but I do want it to have a carved look. Also, If I choose a graphic as a texture, How do I import it into the defaullt textures folder?

First thing is draw rectangles on the wall were you want the images to go at the approximate size you want. Than import the image into your model and “paint” the image into the rectangles you drew. You might have to scale and move the image around to get it how you want. You also might have to adjust the rectangle to match the proportions of the image. To import image click File > Import , you get a dropdown. select “All supported image types” and “Use as texture” , navigate to where you have the image on your computer , select it and hit import…Posting a couple of quick images. I’m on a Mac so screen looks a little different but can’t imagine importing is any different on Windows.

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