How to add a small weld line to two pipes / round corner plugin or alternative plugin

Hi All,

See the attached .skp and .jpg files.

I have done a search through you tube and then also have had a look through the help section here, although couldn’t find anything; if anyone knows of a topic here please add the link.

Basically I would like to know how to add a small welding line (1-3mm) around where the two solid pipes join.

Does anyone the correct round corner setting or, is there another alternative plugin to achieve this easily?

Cheers from New Zealand !!


How to add weld to two pipes.skp (106.5 KB)

This is related.
Note you will need to scale your parts up to avoid the tiny face issue.

You can also do a simple follow me with a circle if you want. This is scaled up by 100.
GIF 26-05-2024 1-35-21 PM

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That’s a mighty good solution for a pre-coffee reply Box, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

One question Id like to ask you have bought up:

Scaling down and up. Because I haven’t done any tiny scale modeling over the years, I’ll be honest Ive never figured out the scaling correctly. Scaling up makes sense e.g. scale up 1.83, then how would I scale back down this 1.83?

Back to the weld:

I now see Ive asked the for the wrong thing. Correct terminology is I think I’m after a loft between the two; like a 1-3mm loft.

Speaking of coffee, moccona heft merr mmmm

You wouldn’t scale by 1.83 but by 10, 100 or 1000, then you scale down by the reverse 0.1 etc
But there is a method for avoiding that which has become known as The Dave Method an explanation linked.
And further to that if you are modelling small stuff for 3d printing it is simplest to model using metres as if they were millimetres, this allows you to export the model and import it to a slicer at the correct size as .stl files are unitless.

I said that link was related, I was guessing that you could simply reverse the arcs I used in that to create the ‘loft’ you require. It was a method, not a specific answer.

Thanks Box, played around a bit further to achieve a better loft.

How to add weld to two pipes.skp (255.0 KB)

I’m curious why you have 12 section planes doing nothing in your model.

If you explode the new parts you have created and remove the internal face and the stray edge at the bottom you’ll have a solid.
GIF 26-05-2024 4-26-02 PM

Lol the section cuts are from my template for project work. Yes all good with creating the object as a solid.