How to accurately scale a... "box" to a precise size, and arbitrarily omit one of the axes.?

Hi guys.!
For some time now i’ve been wondering and searching for this one… but I’ve found no answer so far.

So, I know that you can type your desired dimensions and your units for all the axes at once and voila, you have your… “box” (or whatever), but many times I had to do it in 2 steps because I want it one of the axes unchanged (and I didn’t knew its size and I didn’t care about its size…), but I also don’t know how to bypass typing one of the axes dimension…
I mean I’ve tried typing many characters or leaving empty (or whatever) that space, but whatever i do SketchUp wants to fill that place with something meaningful otherwise it gives me an error and it won’t scale nothing.

Well, i refuse to believe that there is no way to bypass entering the dimensions for one of the axes…, so please, if you have some professional knowledge.!

Thank you.! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S.: Well, to avoid confusions… (!!!) I’m talking about scaling by grabing a corner grip.!

Please, read again my question.!
Thank you.!

Better like this?

Well, I’ve edited my post…, so that won’t be another confusion.!

with FredoScale, just right click over the corner grip you want, then type what dimensions you want to change

For SketchUp Free (web) you’ll use the middle grip point.

Well, thank you, that’s a new one, but you can do that also in Sketchup, the question is how to miss one of the axes…!

By pulling the appropriate handle, pulling the corner one means you want to change all three.
As @mihai.s has shown, select the correct handle for just two dimension.


Yes, your are right, he’s shown in the second post, but i also was misled about its first one and i didn’t payed attention to its second one.!

Solutions are many, yet I think that there is an answer to my question also, I’ve read somewhere but I was too in a hurry to pay attention.

Anyway, thanks.!

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