How Scale down to 1/100th?

The Large helmet -down to-> dimensions around Origin?ds322_helmetApprox.skp (1.2 MB)

There were two helmet components at the same position in that file. They were about 600 inches wide. It seemed you had dimensions near the origin about 6 inches wide, so I think you wished to scale the model down by 100x.

I moved one of the components off to the side, selected it, and actiavted the scale tool. Then clicked once on one of the corner scaling handles (which is a uniform scale.) Then I entered “0.01” into the Measurements box for 1/100th scale, and it became about 6 inches across.

Then I right-clicked it, and saved it out as a new component.
ds322_helemt_6inch.skp (586.0 KB)

Thank you tremendously Dan!

I shall now proceed and incorporate it in my full file.

i was planning to eM the entire file … large size prevents that.

To facilitate viewing; it would ‘stand out’ better being RED.
What would be the most effective way to do that?


Double click the sub-groups or sub-components to enter their edit context.
Activate the Paint Bucket tool.
Choose some shade of red.
Paint faces / surfaces.

That model needs a lot of cleanup. Your on your own fixing it.