How project an reference of upper floor over the ground floor at Layout Software? Just like Arquitecture Project standard


Hi, Sketchup and Layout users!

I have a project with ground floor and upper floor. It’s already done in Sketchup and I´m trying to get it right to Layout executive presentation.

The problem is that I need to annotate the projection of upper floor over the ground floor in Layout Software, but I´m not able to do that. I can see the ground floor plant normally and see the upper floor plant as well. But, I need that the ends of upper floor be projected over the ground floor, just like architecture executive representation of elements projected…

Can someone please help me? Best regards,



If the upper floor layout isn’t too complicated: why not temporary insert the upper floor, trace its contours with a pencil and then delete the upper floor? You could change the line style as you wish.


Thanks, MaxB for your reply.

I did that, worked perfectly. Thanks. But, just to be sure, Layout does not have any kind o option to do that automatically i guess… Or there is? Any way, while Layout developers create this kind of tool and no one know an automatically tool for that, I’ll using your great tip, maxB. Best regards,



Glad it helped. Layout has no fancy functions to this automatically. It can only display the exact same contents as your scenes in SketchUp. So, whatever you have in a scene in SketchUp will be displayed in Layout.


The feature you are asking is exactly our new upcoming Skalp for SketchUp feature…
We will shortly start with a beta version and the public version will be normally released end next month.