Overlaying floorplans

I am trying to produce floorplans for a ground floor and 1st floor from hand drawn plans. I now have two sketchup models that are close but don’t line up correctly. If I could overlay one as a guide I could tweak one or the other to make it all line up. Any suggestiosn of how I should go about this?

Make sure all of the geometry for each floor is grouped so there’s no risk of the geometry combining.

Are your “floorplans” 2D or 3D? Either way you should be able to move one of them to overlay the other. Just make sure you grab the group you are moving by a corner that has a corresponding point on the other.

Say floorplan zero is grouped
And floorplan one is grouped separately
Be sure that the one that is used as a reference is locked so you can easily work in editing context inside the other. No worries that you inadvertently move the other locked one.