Floorplans for Architects

Architects need the pro version of SketchUp for LayOut.

To make floorplanes and sectioncuts make scenes in the model as shown in the screenshot below.

Change the Camera-View from “Perspective” to “Parallel Projektion” for Elevations and Floorplanes.

After that you can use the Extention from the SketchUp-Team “Create LayOut File from Scenes”.

That’s all, have fun

(You can find the model in 3d Warehouse. Find the exported images from LayOut at

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Those sections appear to be named, a useful feature which I didn’t know existed. Does it in fact exist or is that text written over the image? If it does, how do you invoke it?

Scenes can be named.

Oh sure, scenes can be named but I was referring to the sections within the image you sent (Scene: D, etc). Scenes are a different thing entirely. Unless this is a PC only thing (I’m on a Mac).

Its a Photoshop / Gimp - thing

Yah, paint.net,

So it IS text written over the image using an image editor, right? Not a native feature of SU that I have missed?

No, not SU. I wrote it for better understanding on the screenshot. Your right, It would be very nice inside SU, a great help showing the scene name on the section plane and later on as pagename in LO. Wow, that’s SketchUp - maybe 2018 or so…

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Section planes don’t show the scene name automatically. But you can do it the other way around.
You can attach text to the section plane containing the same name you’ll give to the scene that will show this section plane.
Only drawback is that the text is horizontal in any view and you can’t move it without getting the leader.

Use the text tool, double click “On Section” plane and fill in the text
Only apply (or change its leader to) ‘Pushpin’, even though it doesn’t show. This will enable smooth moves of the section plane, taking the text with it.
Text can be changed as you like. Don’t manipulate its position after placing!

Sorry, Wo3Dan, the 3D-Text is not connected to the Plane, it can not be positioned the way it should be (in the Corner of the Planeface) and it makes no sence this way, because I usually move the Section Pane too often to find the right position just to move again after seeing the plan. So I allways have to do it again and again.

You are right for the screenshot, but that is not what I mean.

Maybe it’s a nice idea for a plugin or extention?
Or maybe TIG can ad the naming to his SectionCutFaces? That’s where it should be.

As for your second statement, yes, unfortunately you can’t put the text in the corner, only near. (The plane extends to include the text entity).

As for the first statement, I have to disagree. The text moves/rotates with the plane it is placed on during these operations.
It’s not the solution but I thought it to be worth mentioning.
If you copy plane(s) (plus text) and isolate them into their own layer(s) (to controle visibility when needed without the ‘Section Plane’ button on/off itself) you can setup quite a few worthful scenes with section planes that still can be recognized.

Can you post it as .SKB?

Ha, now I found out.
It doesn’t work with 3D-Text. It works with the Text Lable. You can place that ob Section Plane, name it and it will stay there. Nice.

Sorry, I forgot all about that and about giving you the example file.
The text in the screenshot above is real text
Had I known that the misunderstanding was just about the ‘3D-Text’ tool vs the ‘Text’ tool, I would have told you so straight away.
But I concider the output of the ‘3D-text’ tool as simple geometry inside a group that happens to resemble how text looks. (I seldom use it).

Good to hear that you found the answer.
Sorry again.