Sections and annotation in SU Make

Im new here just signed up so apologies if I make mistakes.
I have been using SU Make and need to submit some plans to council for my house for a simple extension. I have managed to do the floor plan in 2D, elevations and perspective using 3D but I was wondering if there was a way to draw a vertical section and annotate it? I have tried and worked the section plane and cuts fine but they seem to be just a view and scene thing rather than a permanent drawing? I was hoping I may be also able to produce a floor plan with a section cut so I only have to draw the 3D model but seems not without Layout? I wonder if someone knows a way other than drawing 2D. I have managed to create annotation and title blocks etc for the elevations and 2d floor plan using SU and mac pdf annotation. Sorry can’t afford or justify SU Pro cost just yet!
Many thanks

You can set up scenes that you can export as images(drawings).
Set the Camera to Front and Parallel Projection, add text and dimensions etc. You can set the background to white in ‘Style’ and turn the visibility of the section planes off and so on and so forth.
You can make groups from the section cut if you want and give them a face so they can be coloured or textured etc
Everything is possible, just takes a bit of work and thought.

Thanks for that. It’s good to know it’s all possible. I’m feeling my way after autocad light where I used the layout with view ports so 3D quite new to me. I’ll try what you say and export - is it possible to then incorporate that section drawing with another so there are 2 on one page without using Layout?

I guess export the scenes to a new model then add faces, colours etc and annotate them?

Here is a really basic version.
I used a section plane to ‘Create group from slice’ you’ll find that on the context menu of the section plane. Then I added faces to that ‘Group’ and textured them. Then I turned off the visibility of the section plane and set the camera to Front/parallel projection. This then allow an export of a 2d image that you can work with in any image editor.
A quick gif

and this is the exported image.

The quality of the image can be much better, I’m doing this one handed while on the phone and cooking dinner.


Thanks Box.
Wow that’s amazing.

So do I have to actually export it or can I just carry on working on the 2d once it’s a group in my model?


I really want to just keep working with it in the model if poss

The export is just to show you that you can export a 2d image from your 3d model.
So keep working in the model.
It’s up to you what you do.

Yes Box I tried it and it worked - you’re a star.
I created the group slice and now can work on it in the same model without exporting. So much quicker!

I’m just struggling a bit with text now and have had to use 3d text because the other 2 types don’t stay in position when I zoom in and out which I have to without Layout to print to scale as it’s a bit trial and error. If I use the leader text with hidden arrow even that moves a bit as I zoom. So I did most on pdf on my Mac. I can’t find any tutorial on this?



Seems abit crazy using my mac pdf for annotation when SU is so powerful but I guess Im using the PDF as Layout to a degree.
I think im missing something?


gg eles hip.pdf (1.7 MB)