How often (or on what schedule) are badges awarded?

I ask because I’m surprised that I haven’t yet been awarded the “Hot Link” badge for this reply:

which has been far beyond the 300 threshold for the “Hot Link” badge for quite a while now.

I’m still interested in an answer to the topic subject: How often (or on what schedule) are badges awarded? But my interest is now simply curiosity since I no longer think I have a badge that should be awarded! You see, I THINK I’ve figured out why I haven’t been awarded the “Hot Link:” badge!

My link wasn’t direct to VRAY. Somehow, I managed to duplicate the link from another post - whose count is even higher than mine. Curious, I had a friend navigate to the other post, click THAT link, and the link count in my post increased at the same time!

So, it looks like the 600+ number on my link count includes some - and I have no way to know how many - clicks on the same link in a different post!

I just edited the link href in my post to go directly to the Vray site - and the count there is now zero.

And since nobody has answered my original post, I’m going to tag SketchUp employees with the “Administrator” badge to bring it to their attention.
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Hi Steven,

There isn’t a schedule for badges, it should happen dynamically based on when the conditions are met. When I visited your post and clicked on that link it didn’t show that it’d been clicked at all (my click changed that to 1) so I’m not sure what happened. How are you verifying the click rate for that link, or do you have a different post that the link is used?

Hi Jody,

As I explained in the post in which I tagged you, the link count disappeared when I edited the link in:

to go directly to chaosgroup where it previously was:

The 600+ count appeared before I made that edit.

To be bluntly frank, I don’t pay any attention to the badges I receive. I don’t view this forum as a competition or ego-gratification exercise, so they really don’t matter to me. YMMV.


Well, to be honest, there was a time that I sought, and derived self esteem from, badges, especially in the first 4-6 weeks of my active participation. Then, the simple pleasures of learning and passing on what I have learned became far more important to me.

What triggered my initial post on this thread was:

  • I’m considering using Discourse to host a forum in a topic completely unrelated to SketchUp
  • I’ve been frustrated at the lack of Discourse documentation available before installation
  • Then, I happened across a link I included in a post that showed 600+ links.
  • Remembering, from my badge obsessed period, that there were badges awardable for frequently clicked links, I checked, saw that at least one should have been awarded.
  • I wondered, as part of my evaluating Discourse, how the Discourse internals of awarding badges worked.
  • Since I’ve already experienced the contempt one particular Discourse co-founder not infrequently displays (on the Discourse Forum) for any idea he doesn’t wholeheartedly embraces, I chose to ask here in the hopes that an administrator would explain the process.

I’ve subsequently made an educated guess as to why I wasn’t awarded the badge (the count was likely for clicks on someone else’s identical link). So I posted the first reply on this topic and pinged the administrators because I was (and am) still interested in learning what I can of Discourse beyond a user’s POV.

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