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Somehow I knew this was coming. I want to click the “Solution” box on a reply I made in a topic I created. It is, indeed, the answer to the problem stated in my post (actually, an explanation why it wasn’t actually a problem!). But I don’t want to pump up the count towards my “Learned One” badge - which I think should only apply when you’ve solved other people’s problems!

And I think that checking “Solution” on your own topic counts towards that badge. Right now, I’m at 9 - and 1 more should grant me the badge.

So - should I check the “Solution” box?


It counts and shows as one of your ‘solutions’ in profile > summary but i’m not sure it counts for badge as well.

And i think it shouldn’t be count in such case.


I agree that it shouldn’t count towards the badge, but if it does, then I won’t check it! Perhaps one of the @moderators or @admins could chime in to let us know!


yes, if your issue is solved…

don’t worry about the ‘badge count’, it will make you no more or less ‘Learned’…



@sjdorst, if (with your question) you intended to pump up the ‘Solution’ count, I would agree that you aren’t entitled to use it. But since you honestly didn’t know the answer prior to asking and helped us all with a / the solution, I think you well deserve to use that button and the badge as well.


Thanks to @Wo3Dan, @john_drivenupthewall, and @filibis for your advice. I’ve come to a decision.

I’m not going to check the box. And it’s not because I fear inappropriate earning of the badge (I still think self-bestowed solutions shouldn’t count towards the badge), but because I thought about the particular thread in question in a different way.

This forum is primarily for users of SketchUp and other related products. Two categories exist that are tangential at best (this one, and the Corner Bar). As the thread I’m tempted so self-bestow as having a single reply as the “Solution” is in this category (Meta), it isn’t really an answer to a SketchUp et al related problem. Furthermore, the “answer” doesn’t, in my opinion, raise to the level of a “Solution” in that it was really a clarification of an obscure point about the operation of this forum - and easily discovered without looking for a thread marked as “Solved”.

Have I cut a Gordian Knot? Perhaps. Now I’m just hoping that I earn that badge through “Solutions” marked by others before I face this situation again with the temptation to self-bestow a check in the “Solution” box!


What if I were to ask a simple question and include my bank account? :upside_down:


Please don’t! While I like to think that I’m mature enough to resist the temptation, alas, I am only human.


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