Someone ticked solution on wrong reply and now Dave owes me a beer


Well , as title says, but @DaveR lives on another continent…


Well what topic thread ?
You’d need to PM @jody or @TheOnlyAaron , or the original thread starter to get it corrected.


I once told an op how to solve, on a thread where Dave must have put hours of work in to help. The op then went and marked my quick bite of info as the solution!
I felt guilty as hell, and asked the op to remove it and put it on Daves, they did and all was well.

Obviously in that case, the solution was not by me. However, an op can mark any post they feel most likely as the solution. Whether or not we all agree about the solution is another matter, and of course it could be put in the wrong place by mistake. Thus, confusing future readers on a clear solution to the problem.

You could ask the op if they feel they’ve made a mistake. If they haven’t, I’d just be happy to have helped.


A beer will settle for me , but maybe other people who don’t take time to read the whole thread are being mislead.
I am not that experienced with the ‘solved’ part of the forum and it’s do’s and don’ts. Basically, I get more satisfaction when people reply (or buy me a beer)


The main point is that the link to the “solution” is inserted just after the opening post, so that people in a hurry, can jump right to the solution. (Yes, they could miss some good nuggets of information, but there are persons who just need to get right to the answer.)


Yeah, I remember that thread, and, did you get @DaveR a beer?:smile:


With how good he’s been to me, I probably owe him a few. But he lives on another continent :smiley:



if ‘solution tick’ recipient edits their post to point to the actual solution found down the thread, is that updated in the OP’s first post?

maybe @Thorleyian or @DaveR could give it a try…



In that thread I had given the OP explicit directions to start moving the cursor in the desired direction, then let go of the mouse and type the offset distance without a sign. Letting go of the mouse indicates that you don’t move the cursor anywhere such as to the Measurements box. This was two days before your post. If it means that much to you to have the check mark, ask the OP to change it. Or come on by and I’ll pour you a beer.

Ian, someday I plan to cross the pond. Maybe you can buy me a beer then. :wink:


In my example, the solution is now on Daves, where it should be. I see your point how it could be fixed but I don’t think there would be any benefit in that case as my post had nothing to do with the question, more of a forum tip.


I’d like to argue the placement of that solution :joy:


Ah an excuse for a beer run, a refreshing forum distraction for a worthy cause…

… and a popular t-shirt thing


Obviously, @DaveR’s reply was the correct and only answer to the OP’s issue, but since he (OP) was struggling two more day’s with that issue it puzzled me and came to the conclusion that : Beginner’s rarely take an effort to actually read anything ( only after I had seen the video, I myself had a ‘Duh’ moment , for realising that , most of the time we aren’t being concious of what we are doing, when we are Sketching )
When I first encountered various SU forums ( maybe 10 years ago ) I was only reading . Last year I figured ‘maybe I can help some people’ for I have learned a lot from ‘the Sages’ and joined this forum as an ‘oneeyed’ , implying that I cannot see it all…
But I like beer, and be happy to come over, maybe next basecamp?


I don’t drink much, but if we all met up I imagine there would be lots of beer.


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