If someone has solved your problem, maybe you could let us know?

Does it annoy anyone else when they help someone out on the forum, and the helped one doesn’t hit the button to accept the “solution”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not motivated by a status or a collection of badges. I try to help people out whenever I can, because I appreciate when others help me, and because I enjoy helping others learn, but it’s nice to keep track of how many people have been helped by your suggestions. I realize that sometimes there’s more than one solution to a problem, but I can think of more than one instance when I gave a very clear, very simple tip to a questioner, and they even thanked me, but didn’t hit that button to let the forum know their question was solved (no, I don’t have anybody particular in mind).

Maybe I’m weird…


Yeah, there are a lot of weirdo’s out there😄!
Maybe, due to the broad variaty of usage of SketchUp and the low learning curve, the user group is as divers as the worldpopulation itself!
Though the Discourse software is trying to keep it civilised(and doing a great job IMO) it can not enforce certain rules of behavior, and shouldn’t , either.
We all use SketchUp for our own reasons, and we also use this forum for our own reasons. There is not one solution for a problem, in fact, there is not even a problem untill a topic is created. Some have specific issues, some don’t even know they’ll have issues!
Some need a quick answer and fast forward in their work, some try to understand and take time to investigate the ‘rules’ of the forum.
It is not in their profile settings, so you can’t really tell.

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You are not alone.
I believe admins & moderators have that ‘power’ to accept a topic as solution on behalf of OP. It would be great if experienced users in regard to their trust level in forum could accept it as solution as well.
Also adding ‘accepted solutions’ filter in advanced search wouldn’t hurt anybody :upside_down:

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I find sufficient reward in simply knowing I’ve helped someone.
Of course, any form of ‘thank you’ from an OP is always appreciated.

Keeping track of how many we’ve helped is futile, because over the years, various SU Help Forum platforms have come and gone. And along with them have gone thousands of topics and a whole lot of user generated knowledge.

If anything, it’s that lack of continuity that annoys me.
The same holds true for the SU User’s Guide.


Neat idea, but it might get kind of confusing, especially in the cases where there are multiple solutions.

I agree that it is rewarding to know you’ve helped. But I still find it encouraging (in any job or endeavor) to look at a growing number of successes, and the successes are more “tangible” when they have that visible checkmark beside them. Also, it is beneficial to show that problems are solved to save the time of our wonderful sages who browse through the posts (I presume) looking for those who need help.

That is a good point. Hadn’t thought of that; of course, I haven’t been around on the forums long enough to be affected by that.

Anyway, I’m accepting your response, @Geo, as the solution to my question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t get annoyed, because most new members have little idea of how the Discourse forum features work.
They don’t know (even if they noticed) what the checkmark icon means.

I wish the community or 3 sage checkmarks would set a thread as solved.

It would be interesting if multiple solutions were given in the order that they received “votes”.
Ie, the OP’s choice first, followed by that which received the most “suggested solution” marks, etc.

I’d say limit of 3, as they are box quoted at the bottom of the OP.


Couldn’t agree more.

I like this idea.

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