Answered questions

There are a lot of already answered questions in the forum which don’t get marked as those. Maybe we need some more users (e.g. Sages) who are able to change this?

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I see your point, but isn’t it up to the OP to decide whether their question has been answered? I would be worried that an answer that seems clear to a Sage would still be opaque to the OP, and marking it as solved might discourage followup. Thoughts?

I also think it’s down to the OP to decide when solved…

maybe a ‘Has this been solved’ generic message/flag could be attached by admin would be more appropriate…


Perhaps the problem is that beginners don’t know that they should mark the answer then. Maybe there should be an additional flag like “suggested answer” and if more than X users assign this attribute to a post, it will be marked as solution?

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Not to mention the numerous people that ask the question and don’t even bother to acknowledge the answer.