"Resolved" topics

There are some topics which ask really obvious questions that there are ready answers to, like “add a save tool to the SU toolbar.” For the sake of de-cluttering the main topic view and keeping it interesting, it would be cool if moderators could make the issue “resolved” and then the topic could go into an archive. The original poster could veto that decision if they don’t think the issue has actually been resolved, which would restore the topic to the main feed, and original posters could mark the topic as Resolved themselves, as well.

That way the Resolved Posts could still be available in search results, but wouldn’t have this forum presenting topics it doesn’t need to present to people.

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Although, I think there’s shades of grey at times. Some questions aren’t ever resolved; they always benefit from further suggestions, because there’s often more than one awesome solution, and more may be added with time. So having 3 categories of resolution, with the writer of the initial topic having voting power on an imposed resolution status, might be useful. Unresolved, Resolved-ish or Discussion-level, and Resolved would let potential helpers in the forum know how much attention to pay to each topic. Symbols could be used to quickly identify posts.

? for “Needs Help”
~ for ongoing “Welcomes Suggestions and Thoughts”, which might be discussions or partially resolved questions.

  • for Resolved
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I totally agree and have been looking into this. Let me get back to you - thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:

It seems like this feature will happen in a few weeks!

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That’s great, a “Solved” button is better than nothing, but forcing a “Solved” when a topic isn’t a black and white linear issue can cause frustration. For instance, one of my topics is on the pros/cons of using a Surface Pro 3 for SketchUp. I’ve received satisfactory answers, but I definitely welcome more. There is no measurable “right” answer, but the topic is a question, a request for assistance. I believe most topics fall into that category.
Also, SketchUp isn’t like other programs. It’s flexible, with many ways to accomplish one objective. For example, I once counted 16 ways to make a box in SketchUp which didn’t involve redundant actions. So it’s unlikely that every topic will have one satisfactory answer, or always have one answer which is better than the others. My recent Feature Request post about a tool to more easily move objects through space yielded a half a dozen acceptable solutions, without having one “right” answer. If just one of those helpful suggestions got a Badge for having the “right” answer, it would insult the other equally valid solutions people gave, and could end up becoming an irritation, a false and unfair competition, a unjustifiably zero-sum game. This is a qualitative subject, not a quantitative one.
For that reason, voting replies up and down would be WAY more helpful than forcing a false attribute of “one correct answer per topic.”

Also, this matter is actually two separate issues. One is on a topic level: advertising if a topic welcomes more contributions, or if it would be a waste of time for someone to pitch in. The second issue is inside the topic thread, assigning values to the helpfulness of the replies. These issues need to be treated as separate issues, and they are being addressed in the “Solved Button Plugin” solution as if they are one problem with one solution.
Again I repeat, having at least three, maybe four, top/topic-level attributes, for Resolved, Mostly Satisfied, Partly Satisfied/In Discussion, and Unaddressed, would be more accurate and less frustrating than forcing a yes/no dichotomy. Allowing posters to bump their topic up by hitting a “I still need help with this topic” button (just visible to topic authors) might be nice, and would allow old questions that the poster no longer cares about to settle to the bottom of the topic list (maybe they eventually found a solution on their own, after all). And for the second issue, having votings for helpful replies inside topics would much more accurately reflect the reality of SketchUp, in that often it takes a village to contribute a satisfying answer(s).

So pretty much, I would love to see this be like stackoverflow.com, except with more hints as to how much more help is desired per topic. I wish I could suggest the programming to make this happen, but I’m all front-end UI Design, sorry.

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There are also announcement threads… ie an exclamation icon: !

I’d rather see a green checkmark icon for resolved.

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For now, I may just “close” topics that are “resolved” until the new release. But I may just wait until the new release to not have two strategies going at once as it may create inconsistency.

Thanks for your suggestions!