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Hello @sam @codinghorror we would like to implement the “Solved” icon: Discourse Solved - plugin - Discourse Meta

We do not have access to our YML – what do we need to do and what can you help us with?


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Yey… This will be a great functional addition to the forum

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I will get it deployed here but first want to work out all the kinks on meta.

Can we wait 2 weeks on this?

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Yeah - no worries!


Solved button is here :slight_smile: you just need to enable it either globally OR on the categories you want


Ok how about telling us a bit about how it works ?

Why does THIS topic show a checkmark in the listing, and other solved topics do not ?

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@DanRathbun, i saw now that is necessary to mark manually the answer accepted in EACH topic.

My reply with the screenshot looks like a Droste effect :smile:

In other forums where that have the solved icon you are often able to click it and go straight to the post that has been ticked as the answer.

And who is able to accept an answer? Seems like there is a large number of topics solved compared to other forums that have a similar “solved” feature. Were all the solved topics marked by the original poster or are some moderators going around marking topics solved?

The Discourse Solved plugin allows users to accept solutions on topics in designated categories.
The original poster can mark a topic as solved, or an admin.

More details here


I second the acceptance !

[quote=“jim_foltz, post:9, topic:12389”]
ere all the solved topics marked by the original poster or are some moderators going around marking topics solved?
[/quote]Must be someone else for I didn’t (will not) check my answers as “being accepted”.
(this option should even be excluded if possible at present).

edit: oops!..AlexB’s answer above clears it all!

Yes the culprit is Alex. I see the evidence in my notifications. :wink:

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It’s one of those very dubious add ons. Who gave it the tick,is it actually solved, does it continue, is the answer finite or even correct…does the original poster know to tick the answer post rather than the original question and so on and so forth. It’s a useful tool when deployed correctly.

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@Box very true, I am going to be making a intro to the forums video that will introduce features, and I will make sure the solved button is in there so “posters” know they can mark their thread as solved.

@Wo3Dan It can’t be turned off at an individual level, at least from what I can find. It is global or category settings.