Is this the spirit of the Sketchup community?

Hello all,
Long time but very novice Sketchup user here.

Recently I posted a question the General Sketchup forum (n.b. Not the Pro forum).
I asked for help regarding how to import a Revit model into Sketchup.

A couple of members very kindly offered advice, however one member ignored my question but instead decided to question my right to bring the Revit model into sketchup.They suggested it was unethical!
They even portrayed me as somehow looking down on my architect (who provided the revit model) and suggested I was casing a whole bunch of intellectual property and professional responsibility issues
How from my single post they could determined all that about me, and the relationship between my architect and I, is beyond me.
All I can imagine is that they have fractious relationships with their own clients, which is not at all surprising given the tone they took with me.

I then posted that I had seemingly solved the problem I was having and thanked those who offered help. I specifically used the word seemingly as being a novice user it wouldn’t be that surprising to think a problem was resolved when it wasn’t

However another well establish member decided to wade in and interrogate why I said I had only seemingly resolved the issue; I was told in a condescending manner I had either solved it or not!
This member then also decided to tell me that they do not provide their client with raw files for a couple of reasons.
I have no idea why they felt the need to state all this at all, and especially so as my issue had been solved at this stage.

Sketchup is open to anyone, you don’t need a degree in architectural, engineering or computer science to use it. I believe the popularity of the platform is largely owning to its accessibility I imagine the majority of users are far from experts and have lots to learn about the software.

The Sketchup Community forum should be a place to freely ask questions, hopefully have those questions answered and where knowledge of the software is acquired.

I think most members would agree that the Community should not be a place where some professionals who seem to have an axe to grind are allowed to cast judgement on the use cases of other hobbyist and novice users.


I think the comment that was made was unnecessary. English might not be their first language or the tone may have not been conveyed well , don’t take it to heart.


Just like the rest of the internet there are certain people that have their own agenda.
They are best ignored.


Ahh, I’m not crying about it but responses like that would put people off asking questions.

I appreciate that for some users English wont be their first language, and even where it is tone may not be accurately conveyed but there was no misunderstanding of the sentiment in the comments I was referring to.

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SketchUp Pro is not a “experience level” is a subscription version.
If you are importing a Revit model, some knowledge it’s necessary, you are starting at the end.
That’s what I think they are trying to say you.
And yes all of them are from Europe, English is not their native language.
SketchUp forum is useful and you can receive a lot of knowledge here. All of us started as a beginners…

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Hi @rtches, yes I know that Sketchup Pro is a subscription version, indeed it is the subscription I am using.

it’s the internet. it looks like real life. some people are nice, some people are dicks.

I mean, there is a reason why the ignore list exists. if you click on someone’s profile, then again on their name, you see their profile. and you can simply switch them from normal to mute or ignore.

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On the whole, this is a friendly and helpful forum, more so than many. But, like every Internet forum, we have occasional issues with “trolls” who seem more interested in aggravating than helping people. We also have opinionated, self-proclaimed experts who sometimes come across as insulting and condescending. As the others have noted, these issues are unfortunately typical of the internet.

Unlike many forums, this one is not continuously moderated. It is self-policed by the members, who can flag posts as offensive, off-topic, etc. If a person consistently offends others or breaks the rules of the forum, the moderators can ban them but this requires an ongoing pattern because sometimes offense was not intended.


Sorry, but you wrote “seemingly you can select”. This could suggest that you didn’t solve the problem after all, hence my question saying either you can select or not. For example, I can imagine a “apparent” selection as a situation that the object is highlighted but, for example, it cannot be deleted, transformed or edited because … it is, for example, blocked, which people with your experience can skip. I don’t use Revit either, but I suspect that like many programs (and SU via Trimble Connect), have mechanisms that can prevent unauthorized editing of models without the creator’s knowledge. Hence my explanation that I do not provide native files. However, the fact that you are a beginner user is not a reason to be ashamed and aggressive because you think that others are superior. And there’s no reason to hide the fact of being a complete beginner as your post proves. You say you’re a long time user. I’m sorry but I don’t believe that a longtime user doesn’t know how to edit a component. You also say that you are using a subscribed license. You are wrong. You are using a trial. When you pay it then you agree. I’m sorry if you were offended but there was no reason to. However, the quotation marks in the case of “your” architect were used (I suppose) so that the architect would not feel offended because he is not owned by anyone, right? :wink: So much for the riposte