Welcome to the new SketchUp Developer's forums!


Hi There!

I just wanted to post a big warm welcome to the NEW SketchUp Developer’s forums!

If this is your first time using forums powered by Discourse check out the main welcome thread (link below) which explains how to get the most out of these forums.

Product Manager SketchUp Extensibility



The “Forum” link on the left column of the above page should point here.
The same applies for “4. Feel free to discuss your plugin with others.”.


Thanks JBB, apparently I didn’t try hard enough to find all of the old links. I’ve submitted those two links for update with our web guru.


Thank You,
I have been using Sketchup for many years and have been able to show people (my wife especially) what plans are in my head. Now they can see before I build. I work on an ocean tug boat that was built by a shipyard we bought several years ago. Any changes that can be made are better stated in pictures than words! This is the most powerful tool in my box.


I must.add…

Cheers @catamountain