How is this stylized landscape created?

Hello! I created this landscape a few months ago but I can’t recreate it. The left one is the imported version and the right one is the reduced version that I can’t remember how I did. I have had Skimp installed but I don’t know if it has been updated or if I did it another way cause it do not make it the same.

I built the landscape itself in Cinema 4D and then imported it into SketchUp. I wanted to reduce the number of polygons to make the landscape look good in sketchy style , but how did I do it?

You probably just used soften and smooth edges.

It’s hard to know just by looking at an image, there are some ways to create terrains on sketchup.

Thanks for quick answer, but it do not seems to be "smooth edges"which you can see in this image. The right one looks “lo-poly” / edgy. I remember creating the right one gave me separated parts in the landscape, so the parts with more variations (rocks) become one group and the flat part in one group, so it was easy to change colors.

Yes @francisquitof ! You had right! It was the soften / smooth edges tool! But I had to uncheck the “Smooth normals” and just go with the “Soften coplaner”, then it worked! I was sure I had used any crazy plug in but no no! Thanks a lot man!