How does the icon appear in the app

how does the icon appear in the app

To the best of my knowledge, an icon appears in the Extension Manager interface only for extensions stored on the Extension Warehouse server…

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… And not always then.

I have NO extension-specific icons in Extension Manager, if that is what is showing in the OP’s image.

Some of them come from SketchUcation, but some are definitely from EW.

The image is from SU 2021, but it looks the same in 2020. Mac Monterey 12.1, SU 21.1.331.

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Correct, … and the icon must be uploaded to the extension product page manually. (Ie, it is not part of the extension rbz archive.)

However, there is an open request to allow each RBZ archive to contain an “extension_icon” svg and pdf file that the Extension Manager would use.



Will they appear if you sign out and in again from within SketchUp?

Thanks for that suggestion. They do reappear when I sign out and sign in again.

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