Extension Warehouse icon in Large Toolset

The icon in the Large Toolset tb_ewh_update
is called tb_ewh_update.png ,clearly indicating Update

Instead of updating, it only opens the Extension Warehouse. tb_ewh

Updates are done in the Manager.tb_ewh_manager



My Large Toolset (mac) shows the regular icon. Not sure that I’ve seen the update icon before. Maybe some sort of bug?


I think it is related wether all your extensions are up-to-date or not…
Nonetheless it should go to the Manager…

No all of my extensions are up to date. Hmmm.

Well, that settles it, don’t you think? You’re extensions are up-to-date. Mine were not when I posted.
Now, my large toolbar displays the right icon.

But when I clicked on the modified icon, it opened the Warehouse, not the Manager…

That seems correct. Mine opens the Manager as well. Maybe this is why I’ve ignored the icons and just go to Window/Extension ‘…’ when I need one or the other :wink:

I was going to move two of them to another tool bar and lost them both. Yeah I installed with the right click thing. I tried to do a repair and they did not come back :disappointed_relieved:. Looks like a remove and reinstall at a later date, maybe a rainy day project.

Open the toolbars for editing and choose reset on the large toolbar.

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I did not even think of that, easy fix. Thanks Box.