Extension logo in Extension Manager (SU 2017)

Hello, how to set extension lgoo icon in Extension manager?

You cannot at this time. The icon comes from the Extension Warehouse server.

So currently, only extensions hosted on the EW will show an icon in the Extension Manager interface.

If this is your extension, then you can upload an logo icon when you create a product page for your extension, in your extension store, if you wish to host your extension on the Trimble SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

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As Dan mentions, this is currently pulled from the Extension Warehouse when we check for extension updates. The only way to show an icon in the Extension Manager at this point is is it’s hosted on Extension Warehouse.
If you have it there, and you want to distribute it elsewhere you can download the RBZ from Extension Warehouse once it goes live - then the RBZ will contain the appropriate link to EW.

We do have a feature request logged to be able to specify an alternate source for the icon.

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Did this request make it into SU 2018?

The API Release Notes are here:

If anywhere we’d expect a new method to have been added to the SketchupExtension class.
At least as I remember we asked (or discussed) that a “icon path” setter method be added to this class as it’s the best place for SketchUp and the Extension Manager to look for such a path.

The only other option that might not require an API change (we also discussed) was a special icon filename in the root extension subfolder. ie "extension_icon.png" etc.

The problem is that the Extension Manager is now web page based and the resources (icons) are on the server. (…snip… ie, the webpage is local so cross-domain restrictions do not apply. See Thomas’ note below.)

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Thanks Dan. You have elevated my understanding. I do really like the idea of having a named icon included in the zip file, as it makes it seem like a more complete package. I also understand the complications involved now knowing that the extension manager is basically a web page. I am going to just learn to love the hardworking little grey gem icon. :wink:

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Afraid not. But it’s one that people keep mentioning. So it’s on our list for review.

@tt_su, does Extension Manager look for translations in the extensions Resource folder?

if so, can it not also look for icon file…


Extension Manager doesn’t deal with extension translations at all.

But the SketchupExtension class do.

And we could make Extension Manager look for an icon within the extension’s support folder.

Is the Extension manager cloud based? I thought it loaded an local HTML file somewhere in the SU install folder.

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It is. My mistake (I was looking in the wrong version, and didn’t see it.)


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