How do you get a custom icon in the Extension Manager

In the Extension Manager some plugins have custom icons. How do you make that happen?

Your extension needs to be downloaded from the Extensions Warehouse.
Jernej once explained to me a hack to do it anyway, but I don’t remember the exact process. I think it involves publishing on EW, then unpublishing but somehow keep a string/key in your extensions files.

Which might not work with EW2.
(Doing all that seems like too much effort anyway for just an icon.)

We have been talking about adding an interface for extensions to bundle an icon with the extension and have Extension Manager use that.

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Will there be some sort of template or guidelines to provide a consistent ‘look’?

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For extension icons? Typically extension icons are product logos, we won’t make any guidelines for that.

But we have talked about providing templates and guidelines for toolbar icons.