Toolbar Icon Vanished?

Am I being blind or forgetful? Has the ~ Sketchup Warehouse Extension icon disappeared from my tool bar? Can I get it back? If so how?

… Please see attached screenshot for the toolbar where I’m sure it always used to be… The Extension Warehouse works fine if I go through the menu path to access it within Sketchup


Your screenshot seems to have vanished, too.

It’s on the Warehouse toolbar.

If it really isn’t there, go to View>Toolbars, select the Warehouse toolbar and click on Reset.

Thanks Dave and sorry for a potential waste of thread… I did upload my screenshot using the upload button but what’s happened to it I dare not say. I couldn’t see (a theme starting here?) an add attachment option. Honest!

I, ahem, found the offending extension warehouse icon ‘hiding’ (clears throat once more) beneath another icon on the tool bar.

Warning to others: Don’t think your icon has disappeared just because you can’t see it on your toolbar; icon ‘toolbars’ can overlap each other and hide some.

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I’m glad you got it sorted, Ian.

It’s a secret button. Don’t tell anyone. :smiley: :smiley:
It’s the 7th button from the left in the row of buttons above the window where you type the message. Just to the right of < / >.

Yeah. That’s it.

Now I’m looking at your screenshot, I went to SketchUp and tried to make one toolbar overlap another. I can’t get that to happen. Maybe I’m not holding my tongue right.

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Try if you cram a ‘docking’ line absolutely full of toolbars on the same line…

Ahh… Maybe that’s it. I don’t have a full column of toolbars.

ETA: That’s it. You can get a toolbar to cover others if the column is full.