How does it work using the "online" SketchUp?

I have for a long time used SketchUp version 17. Now I am using the 30 day trial, but how do I change the measurements, I can’t click on it. Like I can on the downloaded program SketchUp 2017.

Old version:
Skärmavbild 2023-04-06 kl. 18.26.12

New version:
Skärmavbild 2023-04-06 kl. 18.32.59

Or will most things work the same way if I download the latest version? Or is the latest version always online?

(Is there a start up tutorial for the new online SketchUp? Sorry, I don’t understand how all this works, I’m confused.)

You should never click on the Measurements box. When its background is white, it is ready to take input; just start typing.

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Never click on the measurement box? But how do I get an exact number? It’s hard to make when drawing a box for example. I can’t trype anything when the box is al white.

Nearly a decade and you don’t know that one of the fundamentals is, start an action, let go, type, hit enter.


But it doesn’t work!

I stand corrected.


You may have missed that I was using the sarcasm font in my last reply.


I’m sorry, but if you are trying to somehow say that something that millions of people do every day without even thinking about it has somehow changed … OK Ditto

By the way, note that in your screenshots one has a comma and the other a semicolon. These are significant.
But still in both cases you never click in the box.

Try this, select the edge tool, click and release on a start point, move the mouse in any direction(usually the direction you want to go), let go of the mouse without clicking(or clicking in the box) and type 200mm and hit enter/return.
This should produce a 200mm line in the direction you chose.

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The screenshot you show as being the new version is the web app. Your 30 day trial includes using the desktop app, which should behave the same as the 2017 desktop app.

For me though, in the web version I can selected the text and type something new, and it does work, even if you never need to do that.

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Only on Mac. or possibly only on certain browsers. It is not a standard way of interacting that works with all formats.


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Aren’t you meaning the selection of an edge that has one (or both) endpoints free, an edge that isn’t attached to other geometry on one or both sides.

A free edge extends on the second endpoint side by new input via 'Entity if one or both sides is/are free.
A one sided attatched edge extends on the free side through new input via ‘Entity Info’.

An enclosed edge can’t be changed via ‘Entity Info’.

I’m a Make17 user on Mac and I believe the original poster may have developed a bad habit and wrong usage as I did in the early stages. In the first square I draw I use the correct method as alluded to by the responders and in the second, the way I assumed I had to when I was learning. Perhaps this is what is causing the angst?


My test case was to draw a rectangle, then I could select the text in the VCB, and type something different.

Box is right though, it only seems to work in Mac desktop or in Safari web version.

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I used it on a Mac in Chrome, also tried in Safari. But it dosen’t work for me. But if you are not supposed to write in the mesurement box, what do you do instead if you want it to be exact?

And what is the difference between downloading SketchUp (and paying for it monthly) and using the app?

What is that tool you use?

Which is the edge tool?