How to Enter Values into Measurements Box?

I had an earlier version, didn’t really ever learn it but I’m sure I do remember not having this problem. I select the wodworking template then start drawing a line, the measurements change in the box at the bottom right; I am not able to type into that box and change those measurements, does that sound like a defect, or how to I make lines the length I want them to be?

Start action, type measurement, hit enter.

Out of curiosity, are you clicking on the measurements window before trying to type the value? If so, don’t. When you start a tool that allows for user input, just let go of the mouse and type the value. By clicking on the measurements window, you are deactivating the last tool.

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As a simple rule, SketchUp looks to the mouse for input first and if not moving, to the keyboard second.


Ok, thanks for that reply. I was trying to type into the box in the lower R, I did something to cause that box to be gone and the relevant measurement box is smaller and at the lower L but got it figured out, how to change the measurements. I am trying to learn Sketchup for woodworking, seems like it would be a wonderful aid. Thanks again.

It sounds like you turned on the Measurements toolbar which replaces the default measurements box in the lower right corner with a movable measurements box. Both work the same way in that you don’t click in the window to type. When it is available for input, you just type.

SketchUp is indeed a wonderful aid for woodworking. I use it extensively for that.

Does anyone know of a good source for leaning Sketchup 2015 specifically for wooodworking? I bought a DVD, probably about two years ago I’m guessing, I can’t get past the first little project because the information is out of date (I’m pretty sure the most recent release will do the things described in that DVD but I need to learn procedures specific to the 2015 version of the program). I’m going to keep this version for a while and spend time learning it, I’m looking for the best source to get started.

What DVD did you buy? I did one a few years ago while SU8 was current but
nothing has changed enough to make any of the information out of date.

I guess that would be the one I have, apparently it is based on version 8, the entire title is Google SketchUp Guide for Wodworkers - The Basics. There is a date of 2012 on the DVD cover. Maybe it’s something I’m doing, if you think the info in there should be current, but for example, when drawing the door onto the front of the cabinet, I can’t use the move tool to move the face of the cabinet in by the same amount on both sides (does something entirely different when I try to use the move tool - I am unable to even select both front edges of the cabinet simultaneously).

Maybe we need to connect for a private tutoring session. Send me a private
message with your email address and we’ll work it out.

That would be great, if I could pick a few SU conventions I would probably figure out most other things I need to know. Please feel free to contact me at - dealing with work atm and think I’m close to going back in (have a Mac when I’m away from home these days), but drop me a line, I’d be happy to talk about that.