Can not enter measurements with online version

With the desktop version I can draw a line and enter the length in the length box in the lower right corner. But with the free online version, I can’t enter in anything. It just shows the length, but there is no apparent way to enter it in exactly. I end up dragging the line back and forth until I get what I need, and when it’s down to the 1/6th, sometimes it’s impossible to get it right.

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Did you try just starting to draw a line and then typing the length?

There’s no need to click in the Measurements text box to focus; you should be able to just start typing- same as in the desktop version of SketchUp. Is that not working for you?


When I use the line tool, the cursor looks like a pencil. And when I move it down over the length box it does not change from the pencil. I can’t type anything into the box.

With the desktop program, the pencil cursor disappears as soon as you enter the footer region where the length box is.

There’s no need to move the cursor over the measurements box in either version. Just start drawing the line, let go of the mouse and type. In fact you shouldn’t click in the measurements box for any entry. Click and release to set the start end of the line, drag the cursor in the desired direction and then let go of the mouse. Don’t move the cursor anywhere else. Type the length and hit Enter.

That did the trick. Thanks

The directions are not very good. And when I look around, I see lots of instructions for the desktop version, ignoring the new online tool which is obviously different.

As for entering values such as the length of a line, it’s exactly the same in the online version as it’s always been in the desktop version of SketchUp. There’s never any need to click in the Measurements window before entering the values. No different directions required.

I don’t think anyone is ignoring Sketchup Free. It hasn’t been out more than a couple or three weeks. Videos don’t get updated or replaced overnight.

Live and learn, thanks.

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