How do you use SketchUp?

The following is something I originally wrote in a reply to this post
on another topic. After I posted, I had second thoughts as my reply went fairly far off the original topic, so here it is (I inserted the bracketed word to the quote for clarity):

To be brutally honest, I have few models of my own! My use of SketchUp has always been focused on slowly designing the Tiny Home on Wheels I hope to someday build. It’s far from finished, in fact it’s already gone through 3 fundamental re-designs.

My actual SketchUp work has been mostly when I see something - a technique or feature - that I think I’ll actually use in my Tiny Home modeling.

For example, I learned Dynamic Components while trying to model angle iron back when I thought I’d commision a custom trailer, then in more depth when I was impressed by one trailer manufacturer’s design and I modeled it using Dynamic Components to allow the user to choose a standard length, custom width, custom fore/aft placement of the wheels/axles, and some of their optional add-ons. I never completed it as somebody else came out with a file with separate components for each length/width variation - and that was enough for my modeling purposes!

More recently, I started modeling a murphy Bed/Desk combination that I eventually built and am now using - as in right now, entering this reply! But I didn’t complete it in SketchUp. The hardware package I ordered came with a complete set of plans, and I discovered Fusion360 (my recommendation for people who really need a parametric modeler.) It was far easier to use Fusion360 to model - from those plans - the bed, then alter it to my specifications (I added space for a 6" shelf at bed height.) Especially easy was the rotation of the bed in the housing, and the desktop hanging from the sides of the bed. No fooling around with the axes and figuring angles - just add a couple of “joints” and constrain their movement!

One thing I almost added to the Gallery was my design for a “first-in, first-out”, 3D printed small battery dispenser (AA and AAA) that I designed to keep my many rechargeable batteries in good shape. But I did a wooden mockup which didn’t work well, then almost immediately found a cheap, already made solution.

Well we already know how @DaveR uses it.
As for myself I use it to draw out my next shop project, weather it be wood or metal.