Anyone using Fusion360 and SketchUp?

I’ve been using SketchUp for a while now and during the upper Summer Session at my local community college, I’ll be taking a “CAD/CAM” course in their Wood Technology department. The purpose is to make a murphy bed/desk from a set of plans I obtained from a manufacturer (Price $1.99 for the plans).

I’ve already inquired, and the faculty (and the staff of the college’s “Fab Lab”) highly recommend using Fusion360 to model what I intend to create using their tools.

So I started trying to teach myself Fusion360 - taking advantage of their student price (free!) since I am, indeed, a student (right now taking Welding for self improvement)

After a few false starts in Fusion 360, I decided to do a model in SketchUp in order to see how all the parts REALLY fit together. I’ve completed that (mostly):
Double Horizontal.skp (1.1 MB)

Next, I’m trying to import this into Fusion360 - which allows uploads of .skp files. I started the upload almost an hour ago, and the website ( is *still showing “This item will be ready for viewing in a few moments and will display as soon as processing is complete.”

It’s not that complicated a model, but it does have nested components (necessary for each setup to show it in both bed and desk positions through nested dynamic components).

Anyone out there have experience with this who can comment/advise?

And a note on the above attached .skp model.
It’s not anywhere close to a finished model, but each piece is accurately placed per the drawings I have. After modeling the outer body, I stopped including every fastener and hole and focused only on correct relative positioning of the pieces and identifying the articulation points. Also - one of the components (Bed/Desk Gap - visible in the “problem 2” tab only) isn’t a part! It’s what I had to do to illustrate what I consider an excessive gap. Note that the three “Problem …” scenes only make sense with the dynamic component in the correct state (Bed or Desk).

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OK. Found the problem. I accidently uploaded the .skb, not the skp file! I deleted everything in both my Fusion360 (F360) and my (MyHub), uploaded the .skp, and it finished “processing” in about a minute!

Still interested in hearing from others who use both SketchUp (SU) and F360. I’d love to hear the bits of wisdom you might have on component (and nested component) use on the SU side, and how SU components map to F360 components and/or bodies!

If you want to see how it looks on MyHub, click: Whoops! It turns out that MyHub doesn’t allow easy read only sharing! Back to the drawing board …

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If anyone is interested in how I’m working between SketchUp and Fusion360, I’ve taken my model as far as I intend to go in SketchUp:

Further work will be in Fusion360 - and will be fairly slow progress! The previous model I posted on MyHub (see above) will not be used. Why not? It appears that .skp files load as mesh files composed solely as triangles. From what I’ve learned about Fusion360, it will be faster (for me) to start from scratch with what Fusion360 calls “Sketches” (which we would call dimensioned drawings), then extrude them (Fusion360 for what we might term “Push/Pull”) to solid bodies.

And no, I’m not surprised that Fusion360 sees .skp files as meshes of triangles. Since SketchUp is a surface modeler using only edges and faces, it makes sense.



I thought I made it public. Will check when I get home and update here.

@john_drivenupthewall It turns out that, using MyHub, you can only create a view-only link for individual models - and I gave a link to my entire project. As the only piece I’ve currently got in Fusion 360 is the hardware piece that allows the articulation between the bed and the desk, it’s not worth publishing yet.

Once I’ve got more done, I’ll probably publish a read only link.

Fusion 360 eh? hell, I tried it last week…could not even figure out how to draw a solid cube! Did only try for 2-3 minutes though

I was going to try using it…but think it may be way too over the top for what I need. Have had a 3D printer for a week, and used TinkerCAD for a few things…then ,moved on to SU. and that was a heel of a jump… Going to Fusion …gulp maybe more than I really need!

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