Having problems with Make and my Tiny House design

I’m Big1011Guy and just started using SketchUp Make on my Windows 8.1 desktop. I am a 60 Year Old interested in the Tiny House Movement and was introduced to SketchUp to assist me in designing my New Tiny Home. I have been checking out the tutorials and have come along at a relatively decent pace in designing the floor plan for my 10’ X 30’ Tiny Home. I can’t seem to figure out how to share my design. I also downloaded SketchUp Make on my laptop hoping to be able to bring up the Tiny Home Design I made on laptop as well, but no luck. I am on disability and really can’t afford the paid version. Thanx in advance for any assistance, Guy

Why can’t you load your tiny house file on the laptop? What happens when you try? What error message do you get? How would you like to share your design - share the model with someone else with SU Make, screenshots? Please explain a little more.

If you have an account here, you use the same account to login to 3D Warehouse. You can share it publically there. For example you could download it from there onto your laptop from anywhere there is an internet connection.

You can also just save it to a thumbdrive and manually share it the ol’ way.

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I think we need some more clarity on what you mean by “share my design” as well as what is going wrong. By what mechanisms have you made your desktop SketchUp file accessible to your laptop? What versions of SketchUp are you using on the desktop and laptop? Exactly what sort of error are you getting when you try to “bring up the Tiny Home Design”?

My take on this is that there is a tiny home design software package, though I couldn’t track down exactly what that is. If I’m right, then knowing which application that is would help us to figure out an answer.

That is, I don’t believe we’re talking about sharing his model with other users via 3D Warehouse, but sharing his SketchUp model with himself, to another application.

BTW, Mr Big, when is your birthday? Probably a youngster born in 1955, not 1954 like me!

Interesting. My impression was that he just can’t figure out how to get the design off his desktop to any other computer…hopefully he will come back and clarify :grinning:

I was wanting to transfer design from desktop to my laptop so I could work on it on the go and be able to show builders my ideas. I am using the free Sketchup Make App and not that computer savvy with new apps. DanRathbun - are you saying that the account info used to signup for this forum is what I use to log into the 3D warehouse, so i can download to there?

October 1954 is my birthday

I just uploaded my Tiny Home design into the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Ha! You’re one month older than me (or less, I was Nov 9th). God, you’re so old!

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3D Warehouse has a 3D rotate feature Your non-techie friends will hopefully cope with that.

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I was wanting to transfer my tiny home design from my desk top to my laptop so I can take my laptop to various builders with my ideas. Be a whole lot easier than carrying my desk top to the builders office, lol

If you have a copy of SU Make on your laptop then it is simple to take the design file from the desktop, save to a flash drive, then insert the flash drive into the laptop. Open Make on the laptop and then navigate to the flash drive and open the tiny house file. Are you able to do that?

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Never done that type of transfer, guess it is time to get educated in flash drive transfers, lol. Thanx for the help. Guy

Thanx everyone for all your help, with your guidance I was able to download my Tiny Home Design into the 3D Warehouse - which allows me to bring it up on my laptop so I can show it to different builders. First problem solved - Thanx - sure I will be back with more questions, lol. Big1011Guy

Don’t worry, Big, that’s not really going to take a post-graduate program. You just stick the flash drive into a USB port, whereupon your computer will assign it a logical drive letter, such as F:, and you just treat it like any other drive on your computer. Bring it up in an Explorer window and just drag and drop files on it.

And just for your reference, when you copy data from a local computer to a remote one, it’s called uploading. When you copy data from a remote computer to a local one, it’s called downloading.


Hey Guy, I found your tiny house model in the 3D warehouse. Just an FYI, it is common courtesy to give credit to those people whose models you “borrowed”. I spent many hours on that LG washer/dryer in your bathroom. You’re welcome. :grinning:

I’ve also designed a few tiny houses and if you are going to be putting it on a trailer and want to drive it down the road without permits, police escorts and road closures, it can only be a maximum of 8 feet wide. But, you probably already knew that. Otherwise, it’s a good design. Very efficient use of space.