How Do You Select the Remainder after Sectioning?

I’m working on a 3-D model for the design of a church building. I need to add an additional 25 1/2 inches into the length of the building, but cannot add it onto either end because work is too far advanced on both ends. What I was trying to do was to section the building vertically at a certain point in the middle, select one end and move it 25 1/2 inches, and draw in the missing section. However, I have not been able to figure out how to select just one end, or the other, even after the model is sectioned. I must be missing something when it comes to selecting.
Ed and Harvey

SketchUp’s Section tool is only a visual effect, it does not ‘cut’ the geometry.

You might try this:

Eneroth Slicer
This plugin slices all entities in the currently opened drawing context using a section plane and separate the geometry into two groups.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion! We might try that.


I’m sorry, I think I replied to the wrong message. I’m new at this.

Thank you very much for your idea! We may try that.

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It may be possible to stretch the building without slicing, depending on the structure of the model. You select one end and move it, the faces and lines in the middle become longer.

Hi pbacot,
Thanks a lot for your help! We think this would work and that it would be more desirable to stretch the existing geometry in the middle than to draw the missing part. But, our problem is the drawing is so complicated that we’re not sure how practically to select all the parts of one end. There are a number of rooms on each end. Ed thinks we’d have to select all of both ends, leaving just the part that we want stretched unselected. He thinks it would probably take hours or days to select all the parts of the two ends. What are we missing? Thanks again!

Can you attach the model.
There are so many ways to do this but it all depends how you have constructed whatever it is you’ve got that without seeing it we can only guess at the most suitable option.

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Placing the model in parallel projection should simplify selection of sections. A properly constructed model should be composed of groups / components which can be isolated. One possible solution from this point is then choosing an appropriate group / number of groups which can be manipulated in the manner previously described. (selecting end or other appropriate parts and moving them to stretch that group/s). The remaining unedited groups can then be moved into alignment. I use a variation of this method often, to accommodate for variations in door widths - where the jamb / frame is a standard component. I enter the (now unique) frame component, select the stile / vertical end, move it to the width required, close the component, and then adjust the opening to suit.

Post the file. As others have mentioned, a model of a building could have many components and If I stretch one of my models, it is not as straight forward as all that, but it doesn’t take all day. For one thing I have grouped different elements like foundation, walls and floors --and although I could use Fredo’s box stretching, there are some limitations --issues with that. So I often open the walls, stretch that, then do the roof etc.

there are many ways, but depends on your specific model.
Regular scale tool will distort everything as you stretch
Fredoscale box stretching can be a solution as it will stretch without distortion, by default about the middle, but the plane can be moved…
Selecting only parts of the model and using the move tool to move them.

I would post model so it will be easier for people to help.

Thank you very much for your help! Those are interesting ideas. We’ll post the model.
Is the .skp file all that’s needed? I tried to upload the .skb file, but it said it was disallowed.

Will do.

Thanks a lot for all your ideas and help! They appear to be useful.

I think this is the second time I’ve completed uploading Ed’s model (he does the design work on the computer, I just try to help him figure out how to do hard stuff). But I’m not sure if it’s really posted because I haven’t located it on the forum. I’m using the upload button available when replying to your message on a phone. What am I doing wrong or has it been posted (twice?).

Is Fredoscale box stretching part of SketchUp Pro or an extension? Where would we find it? Thanks for all your help. I hope I’m not bothering you too much.

It’s an extension you can get at sketchucation…for free.I think you will need fredo’s library as well as the specific scale extension
It sounds like you’ve been trying to upload the .skb file instead of the skp?

Thank you for letting me know where to get the Fredoscale extension! I’ll try to download this extension. Church Building19.skp (5.7 MB) It wouldn’t let me upload the .skb file, so I assume it is not needed. I will try again to upload the .skp file, apparently it didn’t work before. I think the last time it ran out of data because I had to refill our Internet data today. I’m trying it from a computer now, we’ll see if this works.

Harvey, you have made your job infinitely more difficult by not using groups, and while it might seem like an onerous task, this is where I would start. Then you can easily eliminate most unwanted elements from the equation - and gain other benefits. Additionally - and I am not criticising the model, as I can see a lot of work has gone into it - It would be desirable to rectify the out of plane surfaces, as this can lead to various problems down the track. Also, turn off shadows for all but presentation scenes. This will speed up your work. All this aside, and not knowing exactly where the extending is required, and wanting to do it the quickest way. I would simply be selecting sections of the drawing (that might be more than you want, but are needed), copying them on to other layers or moving them to defined locations, moving them independently to the desired position, filling in the gaps and then combining them on the on layer. Not the best long term solution and potentially messy, but quick.

Your model is quite a mess, reversed faces, non planar faces, strange scribble geometry for the decoration and no grouping.
Groups and Components are how geometry is separated in sketch up, raw geometry sticks together.

Since your model is all raw geometry it is possible to simply select one end and move it 25 1/2 inches with the move tool.
As you see below I use a left to right selection fence to only select the geometry within the fence, then use the move tool to start the movement, I then let go of the mouse and type the distance I want it to move and hit enter to finish.

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