Slicing plane like AutoCad


I would like to see a command in SketchUp in which you can select a “slicing plane” and then choose which side of the plane to keep. There is a command in AutoCAD which does this. I understand you can subtract solids in SketchUp pro, but what I am talking about is different. I just want to take a group (maybe a solid, maybe not)-select a slicing plane and then select which side of the slicing plane I want to keep. Using intersect with model is pretty nice, but you still have to make sure you erase unwanted stray geometry after the intersect. Many times, for example in modeling complex roofs, you know exactly what side of a roof plane you want to erase. If you really focus you can keep all the roof pitches separate solids, but even if you separate or subtract the solids you have to erase lines left in the model. Back in August someone started a discussion on this very same topic but it was never answered.


@TIG made a couple of plugins along these lines… iirc, they will only work in suPro but i’m not 100% on that.

cut plane
split plane

i can’t find them in scf store or extension warehouse but i imagine he still has them available somewhere.


Zorro2 adds “slice model at section” to the context menu of a section cut


I really do not want to use a plugin. I discovered I can add a cutting plane (circle) to a group and then intersect with selection and erase one side. Thanks


hmm. i’m confused… i thought you said you didn’t want to do that either :confused:

but yeah, in sketchup, that’s generally the way to go about doing things… with proper selection techniques, you can generally get all the little bits deleted quickly.