Slicing plane separate from effected geometry


Sketchup would become much more powerful if they would include the ability to use any shape or geometry as a slicing plane that is separate from the effected geometry. I understand there is an “intersect faces” option, which I use very regularly, but when things get very complex, deleting the unneeded geometry afterword can be a headache.
If the cutting plane or 3D objects were selected as a separate slicing plane, you could include options for what to keep and what to delete before hand, then the deletion of unneeded geometry could be done automatically.

I also understand Sketchup’s original goal was to create simple models for google earth, but let’s be realistic, it is being used with more and more complex projects every day.
If we take some features from some of the more powerful 3D modeling software but simplify the interface to make them “Sketchup-friendly”, Trimble Sketchup could become serious.


For the record: SketchUp came to existence in 2000 by a company called AtLast. Google bought it six years later for the purpose of Google Earth.

If you are dealing with solids then you can use the solid tools to subtract shapes. But I guess you’re talking about slicing up nested complex objects?