Intersecting Objects Slice

Hi all.
Does anyone know how to get two intersecting objects to slice each other so I an remove the unneeded parts?
I am currently doing this manually and it is tedious and time consuming.

It would help if you uploaded the file and said which parts were unneeded. However, if is the upper parts, you just have to erase them. You won’t be able to do that if the faces are not coplanar. You really want to see only thin lines on the faces before you start erasing.

If you invested in the Pro version, you would be able to do this much more simply using Solid Tools but I don’t think that is available to the Web version.

If this is about the two rafters that are both grouped separately, then enter one rafter group > intersect faces with model > leave group > enter second rafter group > intersect faces with model > cleane up geometry > leave second (cleaned up) group > enter first rafter group > clean up > leave group > done.

The new web-based SketchUp Shop has solid tools.
It costs 119 USD per year. (That works out to 9.92 USD per month.)

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Thanks for the tip. A couple of questions.

  1. When I enter the rafter group, do I click on Edit the group?
  2. Where is “Clean up”? Is it an add on?
    Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Editing a group is entering and making changes to it.
Cleaning up is deleting unwanted edges.

Btw, if you have been using SketchUp for several years, you should know these basic things by now.


Self taught, but thanks for the lecture.
It sounds like I am to edit the group which you neglect to mention in your first answer.

Sorry to be cocky but these forums are all the same. People love to throw the fact they they know something you dont at you by using acronyms or lingo that is unique to their world with total disregard to how other people learn.

Ill figure it out. Just thought I could save some time here if someone had an answer to a seemingly easy problem they could articulate. 20 years ago this stuff was basic in Illustrator. I’ll stick to the vids on youtube.
Thanks anyway.

The lingo as you call it is’t cryptic at all. If you enter a group you are mostly doing so to perform some operations on its geometry, editing the group. In this case the operation is ‘intersect faces with model’. So I did mention (how) to edit the first group.
But there seems to be some issues when intersecting coplanar faces, faces in the same plane. See another thread about this started by @Box two days ago.

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