Intersecting Surfaces (Not behaving)


I am modeling a Victorian Structure which is going to be on a model railroad. It has a mansard roof with intersecting curves surfaces at the corner. I made a group out of each roof segment and copied and pasted them around the building. I then wanted to remove the excess at the intersecting corners. I first intersected the faces with context, and then tried to remove the unwanted portion, but the entire roof surface erased, not just the overhang. Then I exploded the groups and tried again. The attached file shows what happened next. What am I doing wrong, or not doing? This is with SU 2015 Make.Hight Hawks Problem.skp (394.3 KB)


How about using the follow me tool.



Doh! Why didn’t I think of that? I know how to use Follow-me, so why didn’t it occur to me to use it. Thank you for the great answer!


Here is the result. I intersected the faces that were inside the turret and carefully erased all those unwanted lines. Looks pretty neat. Sometimes it’s trickier to create the image in SketchUp than it is to make the real object in the real world. Again, thanks for the tip!