Selective Selection? Newbie Q


Hi, I have a really basic question that I can’t find the answer for. I’m trying to select points on an object and when I drag a selection box, only certain points w/in the box are selected. All the points are on the same layer, part of the same group. See pic.


In SketchUp you cannot select geometry points. Only guide points, not what you want.
You can grab one single geometry point (endpoint or midpoint) to then move it if needed.

With nothing selected but the ‘Move’ tool hover over an endpoint and when you see ‘Endpoint’ press and hold down the Lmouse button and start moving the endpoint. Grabbing a midpoints is just as moving an entire edge.


Thanks, but how do I move multiple end points at the same time? Dragging a selection box around them only seems to select the guide points… I’m trying to do something that seems like it ought to be really simple–stretching the length of a shelf with a beveled edge with out changing the dimensions of the edge detail…


How about sharing the SKP file so we can see exactly how you’ve constructed it?

Perhaps its as simple as turning on the hidden geometry before you make the selection around the end.


AAAAH. Yup that’s it. I had Hidden Geometry off. Thanks Dave!


In order to stretch something like a grouped shelf, you need to also be within the same entities context as the group’s primitives. Double click to enter into the group’s editing context.


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