Selection issue


I’m new to Sketchup and only my second day. I’m working through each of the tutorials in detail. In part 4 you create a table leg component, move/copy a second and then taper the leg(s). I’m having difficulty with this step and after selecting the component and performing the move step to taper the leg the entire component is moving. What’s am I doing wrong? Also I’m seeing some selection tool behavior differences compared to the video. It looks like the instructor in the video is using MAC and I’m working in Windows 8.1. I realize it is important to get these basic steps down. Thanks in advance for your help.
… Rod


this one?


@sketch3d_de has probably pointed you at the reason why the entire component instance moves: you have to open it for edit before you can move individual geometry inside it. You also have to select only the entities you want to move, not the entire contents.

There is no difference between Windows and Mac regarding how the selection tools works, so something else is going on there. What exactly are you seeing that is different?