Select Planes Only and Bring Linework along?

After I create a plane with the line tool and I’m happy with the dimensions of the plane, is there any way not to have to concern myself with the lines that created the plane as I manipulate the plane?
I think what I’m trying to get at is lets say I want to select a portion of my model to move copy etc. As it stands right now I have to make sure that I select all entities (the planes and the lines that make up the edges of the planes) if I want to make sure that I have the entire object. Wondering why I can’t just make sure that I have all the planes selected and insure that all the linework comes along with the planes?

I’m not sure what you’re saying but:

  • If you select only edges and copy paste, only those edges will be pasted;
  • If you select only a face and copy paste both face and edges will be pasted, as in sketchup a face can’t exist without the bounding edges;
  • If you want to move or erase a set of faces and it’s edges without affecting other geometry, you can create a group first and then erase/move the group. This way, all edges that are also boundaries to remaining geometry will be kept outside the group when you create it and you can delete the group safelly.

If the points above don’t enlightnen you, then I’m sorry, but I couldn’t understand you better.

Group them all, add/edit lines within the group, then the group will move as a whole.

It is a planar face. A plane is infinite in all directions along it’s surface.

Triple-click the face.

Stop wondering, and do some reading in the SketchUp User Guide:

Thanks everyone. This gives me plenty to think about!