How do you remove construction polygons from an imported warehouse component

I’m a new user. I want to remove the construction boxes from around an imported 3D warehouse model. How do I do this

Upload your .skp model here so we can open it and see what you have going on. What are you calling a “construction box”?

Port Mac Donut try 2.skp (512.6 KB)

Its the black lines around the tree I am trying to hide/ remove

thanks in advance

You are using a component that has been made with a transparent png. The edges are showing and you only need to hide the edges on one for them all to disappear, the same with the guide.
You can see here I double click into the component until I reach the actual face, then triple click to select the face and its edges, then shift click to unselect the face, leaving just the edges selected, then right click and hide.
Hide edge
Note, I stop and delete the guide, you can do this from the edit menu, delete guides.

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The operating system, the actual version of sketchup and the graphic card can significantly change the answers given.


Thanks so much