How do you properly export a geolocated model into a COLLADA file?

I’m trying to export the island of Sint Maarten so I could use it for a map for, and the entire model uses geolocation. The file size for the .skp file is over 300 mb. When I exported it to .dae, the file size was 2 kb and nothing shows up when I import it to Sketchup. Is there any way to just export the model without geolocation or even export the model to .dae so it is visible?

What I had to work with.

Try exploding the terrain groups. When I just checked it…saving as .DAE and importing into Blender…the unexploded Geo-Located terrain and textures did not export. After exploding, I can see a folder of exported terrain images and a file size that’s larger than the first export. Importing the exploded .DAE into blender confirms the geometry exported fine. Weird but hope that helps.