Floating Model in Google Earth

I have simple S/U model that I’ve geo-referenced, and I’d like to view it in Google Earth. Whenever I open either the .kmz. or .dae export in G/E, the model is floating. I’ve tried editing the ModelTranslationZ and ZValueCentered using the Attribute Editor extension, but the model is still floating. Could someone please help me troubleshoot? Many thanks for any guidance.

ModelForGE.kmz (1.3 MB)

Can you share the SKP file?

How did you go about geo-locating the model in SketchUp?

Thanks Dave, I’ve been trying to upload the .skp file, but it’s 70 MB and won’t finish uploading. I went to File-Geolocation and added the information there.


You’d need to upload the file to Drop Box or something and share the link.

So you only added the lat/long manually?

What if you go to File>Geo-location>Add Location and add in the terrain. Then adjust the height of your model to suit before exporting to the KMZ file?

Thanks! That did the trick. Once I added the terrain, I could see how the components were floating.