Importing geolocated files into SketchUp with the same or relative location as the source data?



I was provided with a tiled aerial mesh in tiled collada (.dae) files that are geolocated. However, this location data is ignored when I import these files into Sketchup Pro. Instead, each tile I import floats with the selection tool until arbitrarily positioned by left clicking the mouse. How can I import collada files into SketchUp with the same location as the source data (as-is)?


Hi Jennifer, I’m still researching this.
To clarify, are you geolocating the SketchUp model before importing the dae files?
(File > Geolocation > Add Location)


No, the collada files already have geolocation data within.

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I wonder if creating a blank SketchUp model and geolocating the blank model would give the .dae geolocation a point of reference to attach to. Do you want to try that and let me know if it helps?