How do you edit section planes visible on plan?

I want the (vertical) section cuts to be visible on Plan View but I can’t get rid of the section plane (the orange horizontal cut that makes the plan). When I deactivate ‘Section Planes’ in Style Edit, all the section cuts disappear. I know that you can ‘manually’ add the section lines later in Layout using Scrapbooks but it would be much simpler to have it already on the Plan which minimises errors.
This is what the Plan looks like in Layout

Here are the settings in Styles

So instead of this…

You want it to look like this?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says 2016. In later versions you can control the visibility of section plans individually through Outliner. It looks like this for my second screen shot.
Screenshot - 9_14_2021 , 8_31_20 AM

Thanks for your reply. Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do.
I have Sketchup Pro 2019. Not sure if I have Outliner.

Please update your profile. That information helps us help you.

You do have Outliner. I don’t remember if sections planes were added to Outliner in 2019 or later. That was a long time ago. That’ll be the thing to check. You may need to upgrade the version.

Edit: Section plane visibility was added in SU2020.1. So not available in SU2019.

Thanks. So I guess I’ll need to upgrade to avail of this feature?

Yes. You will.

There are a bunch of other features, too.

In SketchUp Make 2017


That’s another way to do it I guess. Thanks.

I was able to upgrade to SU 2020 which has the Outliner but the Layers box has gone! Do I take it that Outliner has replaced Layers? Does it work like Layers? How do I know what’s what in this list of Groups? By trial and error?

You should update to the current version of 2021.

No! Layers were replaced with Tags. There are some added features but essentially they work the same way. The same rules apply, too. All geometry is created and remains untagged. Only objects (components and groups) get tags. Now you can add Tag folders to collect related tags together and in LayOut you can control the visibility of tags so you can get by with fewer scenes.

As for Outliner, it shows the objects in your model. If you want to be able to identify the objects, you have to give them useful names. It’s always been that way. You can select a group in your model and give it a name in Entity Info if you want. You could also use components instead of groups. Then you’ll be prompted for a useful name when you create it.

I upgraded to the 2020 version ( I have downloaded SU2021 but haven’t checked it out yet) because I have a perpetual license which allowed me to do so for free so I will be using it for now as it seems they are phasing out perpetual licensing and moving on to subscriptions starting with the 2021 version.

As far as I can see, 2020 seems to have all the new features you mentioned and I welcome the move to reduce the number of scenes and be able to directly control Tags in Layout.

Many thanks for the help.

There are more features related to tag control and such with 2021 but yes, the license is a subscription going forward.