How do you close a follow me solid that is curved against a flat surface like a wall?

sign5b.dae (108.0 KB)

It would be better if you’d just upload the SKP file instead.

You need to close up the holes at the ends of the extrusion. It would be better if you made the extrusion a bit long and cut it off.

And you need to get rid of internal faces.

Make the path longer and cut it off.

sign5b.skp (189.9 KB)

arch51, personally, I would have run the followme past the surface where you are wanting to close it, then used Intersect Faces to cut it and close it off. Does that make sense? Oh, like DaveR just said…

Thanks for the info.

You’re welcome.

I forgot to add, although I show it in the screen shot showing the setup for Follow Me, that you’ll want to set up the profile for Follow Me perpendicular to the first segment in the path. If you don’t the profile will be projected to perpendicular (not rotated) which will result in the shape being changed. Also keep in mind the extrusion will terminate perpendicular to the last segment in the path. This is mainly why you wound up with gaps at both ends.

Suggest you redraw the rail for the follow me curve and get better tangent point(s) to try and remove the “sharp” bends. You could also select the end point , form a face and use push pull tool to extrude out past post face and then intersect / remove unwanted geo, making the post a temp component helps with that step.

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