Wall Capping profile on a curve



can anyone help …

have a problem with extruding a profile on a curve, ( radius )curve.skp (319.1 KB)


Good to include the file but are you going to tell us what the exact issue is? Or should we just guess?


sorry… first post got myself confused

new file attached… when i try and us "follow me " tool to follow the curve… the bottom of the curve it dosnt work for mecurve_one.skp (316.9 KB)

have included the the output after using the “follow me” tool and also the the profile and lines i am trying to use

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I now see what you mean.
The first uploaded file showed a somehow fixed result and didn’t reveal the issue clearly.

I would say that this is a typical case where the ‘Follow Me’ result, the extrusion, bites its own tail.
The tool does has its limitations where it can’t decide on what result you want.
You do have to construct the lower part “manually”. Good thing is that the ‘Follow Me’ tool’s result does present some relevant geometry for you to start from. But still, you do need to make some choices at this point on whether you want to maintain angles between adjacent faces or … It’s hard to say what you prefere. Let alone for a ‘Follow Me’ tool.

It’s probably not the answer you expect and like.


The curved path does not support the shape you’re trying to extrude.
Extend the last curve segment at the bottom of the path such that its length is a bit more than the width of the shape.
That enables the extruded shape to negotiate the right angle and form a clean miter in the extrusion.

Take a look at this revision:
Curve Reworked.skp (461.5 KB)


Hi Geo, unfortunately the overall length of the curved part doen’t fit the original overall length.
i.m.o. one would need to start with a different arc with larger segments (as part of the curved path) instead of extending the last segment. How would you make the length equal to OP’s modeled?

Either remodel the path with an arc with less but longer segments or manually model the lower part.


Well, I had no intention of fixing the entire model, only the bad part.
BTW … I thought it was your job to take care of such details as overall size. :smile:


Making fun of me huh?
It seems to be a modeled wooden object. That is more in your line of work. You have the tools for fixing it.
I might give it (the model) a try later. Unfortunately not in the mood right now.


No… but it good to talk to other people about your problems !!!

i have attached a file showing the profile without the curve… is there maybe a way that the element can be distorted to get the curve ???

take care
Domenicwall_capping_profile_flat.skp (146.1 KB)



wahoo … you did it … so trial and error … extend the curve … until it works ?

did you just use the normal “follow me” tool ?

thank you for your help

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Well, no, not so much trial and error as it is working with known dimensions.

You already know the width of the shape before creating the extrusion.
You also know you want the extrusion to form a clean miter of the entire shape.

That means you need to create a path that accommodates the width of the shape.
And so the straight lengths of the path leading to and away from the corner must be ≥ the width of the shape.

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Hi George

just to confirm the extra 194mm extension is a “straight line” not on a curve?

take care


Yes. It needs to be one straight edge whose length is ≥ the width of the shape, so the extrusion can turn the corner.


Hi George

thank you… you have really helped me…

I have decided to manually sort out the end part… i think it will look better that way

by the way… what do you use Sketchup for?

i have to draw building elements so the factory can manufacture them

doing them in 3D is so much better especially when the elements are a little complicated

you take care



You can change the slope of the end piece and then move all the end geometry back up the line to the curve.
Also you might find solid tools useful for working out the miters. This seems to reduce the file size a bit as well
curve.skp (195.2 KB)


Sketchup training that a normal bloke can afford?

Shep . George and Wo3Dan


thank you very much for all your help …

take care

Sydney, Australia