Follow Me with a curved line?

Here’s my problem, quite simple I guess but I really don’t get how to use the follow me tool in that situation.
I’m trying to make a form with a rectangle shape and a curved line. The rectangle has to follow the line… Any idea about the method?poignee_porte.skp (15.2 KB)

Follow-Me needs as prerequisites a planar face and a sequence of edges.

In your case the planar face is probably the bottom face of the quadratic torus (I would orbit the camera to see it) and the sequence of edges are the selected edges.

There are two ways to use it:

  • A
    1. Select the edges with the Select tool.
    2. With the Follow Me tool, click one single time on the face.
  • B
    1. With nothing selected, use the Follow Me tool and press the mouse button on the face.
    2. With the mouse button pressed, move the cursor until the sequence of edges is found and highlighted, then follow it and release the mouse.

Follow Me works on a face with a path. Select the path the J-shaped edges, get Follow Me and click on the bottom face of your box.

The path location could be improved and you would get better results if you scale the model up some.

Keep in mind that Follow Me requires the profile to be perpendicular with the first segment of the path and the extrusion will end with the face perpendicular to the last segment in the path. If you want to make the face after the bend square to the vertical part, you’ll need to draw the path so the last segment in the path is square to the vertical.

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The transition between the straight edge and the curve isn’t good. Replace the curve with a tangent one and you’ll get a better finish.

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